We all love India, but why?

What is it about India that we can be proud of?

Can we love a nation we do not even know properly?

Is patriotism a passing fever that the cricket-season brings or a passionate fervour that becomes our life’s greatest victory?

We decided to explore and awaken in 2002. We decided that we, the nation’s youth, needed an awakening. And so we launched “Awakening Indians to India”.

A Nation-wide initiative, this was a pioneer project of Chinmaya Yuva Kendra in the year 2002-3.

Based on the "Awakening Indians To Indians" book, we conducted nation-wide camps, workshops, college-talks and finally a national quiz contest for youth.

A record number of 10 lakh youngsters were reached out and we made it to the Guinness Books as the quiz with the largest registrations ever.

After several eliminations, the final round became a televised series on Zee TV. The winners were taken around the country on a Bharat Darshan trip to see for themselves the panoramic culture and terrains of the Indian subcontinent.

The times, when this quiz was launched, had seen massive brain-drain syndrome in the country, severe lack of national-pride in the youth and rampant ignorance about the glory of our Motherland. At such a time, this initiative brought a welcome change and ushered in a new gush of national confidence into the hearts of Indian youth.

 Om Bharata Gauravaya Namah.


An anthology of the country’s achievements & glories in various fields was created and brought out as a unique book by the same name"Awakening Indians To India", and till date this book remains as one of our bestsellers and a reference material for anybody wanting to know the greatness that India is. This 500-page book was compiled entirely by Chinmaya Yuva Kendra members, meticulously putting down one amazing fact about India on each page.