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TITI Awareness run during the Mumbai Marathon

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VIDYA-DAAN – the highest form of DAAN and also Service to the Nation.

Physical fitness, Emotional maturity, Intellectual clarity, Spiritual depth, Cultural pride, Patriotic Dynamism & Universal Oneness are the need of the hour to empower the youth and our country. Chinmaya Mission has been conducting workshops on these 7 levels of Transformation in schools, colleges, educational institutions. The workshops are done absolutely FREE. Our trainers go to the institution, conduct the workshop, distribute the Transforming Indians to Transform India book to the students. If you would like to support us in this noble cause, please sponsor Rs.100/- per student. It includes the cost of the book, a band with a slogan – My Transformation Transforms the Nation, handouts that are distributed for activities, trainers’ travelling and other costs. 
Eg. If you like to sponsor for 10 students, you can sponsor Rs.1000/- We need sponsorship for 30,000 books which we intend to distribute through our workshops. 
For details of workshops you can visit the workshops section You can also contact us on mumbaichyk@gmail.com for more details. Please pass on this message to anyone interested in the cause of education


Salonee Jain & Family from Mumbai
1st Place

J P Chauhan & Family from Meerut
2nd Place

Transforming Indians to Transform India (TITI) – National Finals – 15th Aug. 2013

Date: 15th August 2013

Event: TITI first phase closure – TITI National Quiz Grand Finale

Pre-event: Zonal Semi-finals and Finals on 14th August

Venue: Chinmaya Vibhooti

Zonal Semifinals – Participants:4 zones – 10 teams (of 3 family members) of each zone=> 40 teams.

Zonal Finals – 4 teams from each zone compete with each other

National Finals – 1 team from each zone reaches National Finals.

The morning of 15th August 2013, dawned with cries of “Bharat Maataa ki Jai” and children waving miniature flags as they marched to school in Kolwan village. For those gathered on the occasion of the 66th Independence Day at Chinmaya Vibhooti, the day was full of promises of a brighter tomorrow.  Everyone gathered around the flag pole, stood at attention and sang the national anthem, pride reflecting in their stance as Pujya Guruji, Swami Tejomayanandaji unfurled the tri-colour.

Two days prior to this, 40 teams comprising of 3 family members each,  had travelled from across India, to this little known, quiet, village surrounded by the rain soaked greenery of the Sahayadri mountains, located about 25kms outside of Pune. They had come a long way indeed, the sole purpose of participating in the national quiz ‘Transforming Indians to Transform India’ (TITI), a Chinmaya  Mission initiative. The 3 year project had been launched a year ago on 15th August 2012 with the launch of the book ‘Transforming Indians to Transform India’. The 1st phase of the project was to reach out to as many people as possible with the book, registering them for the nation-wide quiz. Thus inspired by the Vision, the book and motivated by the lofty goal which spoke for itself – a core team of about 500+ volunteers from local Chinmaya Mission centres across India put in efforts to register people for the quiz based on the contents of the book TITI.  About 20 lakh people were reached out and around 2.35 lakh people registered for the quiz.  Around 20,000 people participated in the first round of the quiz which ended on 31st March 2013.  The second round was conducted on 12th May 2013.  10 teams from each zone were selected for the zonal semi-finals at Chinmaya Vibhooti.  Accordingly 40 teams had qualified to the Zonal Semi-final round of the quiz.

On 14th August, the Zonal Semi-finals were held with 5 teams of each zone competing with each other in oral quizzing held simultaneously at 8 different venues in Chinmaya Vibhooti.  It was a competitive yet enjoyable experience with 5 rounds of questioning including a physical activity round. Finally with the neck-to-neck competition 16 teams (4 teams from each Zone) made it to the Zonal Finals and of the 4 teams from each zone – 1 team from each Zone made it to the Grand Finale on 15th August.

The quiz master for the Grand Finale was Shri. Vivek Krishnani, who with his wit and presence of mind kept the teams and the audience at ease, though the competition was so tough that everyone were sitting at the edge of their seats.

















The winners of the Grand Finale were:

Position                        Family and Location                                            Prize

1st place                  Salonee Jain & Family from Mumbai               Car and cash prize of Rs.2 lakhs

2nd place                 J P Chauhan & Family from Meerut                Car and cash prize of Rs.1.5 lakhs

3rd place                 Nikhilesh V Kapadia & Family from Kolkata      Car and cash prize of Rs.1 lakh

4th place                 Arpita Dash & Family from Chennai                Cash prize of Rs.50,000/-

The finals were witnessed by all 40 teams, Chyk volunteers, Yuvaveers, Chinmaya Mission members, in the presence of Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji, AICHYK Directors – Swami Mitrananda, Swami Chidrupananda, Swami Chaitanyananda and Swami Swatmananda. During the prize-distribution ceremony, Pujya Guruji applauded the initiative and the efforts put in by the AICHYK team under the guidance of the Directors.

What was most heartening to see was the camaraderie between teams despite the competition and sportive spirit with which each team cheered the other. Through-out fair play was encouraged and one could see that the teams had tried their level best be it answering the tough questions with alertness, or blowing balloons or balancing themselves on one foot in Tadasana pose – young or old alike participated with enthusiasm. Everyone applauded the work of the organisers and especially the Transforming Indians to Transform India core-team of All India CHYK members, Acharyas & Volunteers. Participants appreciated the book TITI and said that the book had indeed sown the seeds of Transformation in them and their family members. This in itself is rewarding.

Now that the first phase of the TITI project has concluded successfully, the AICHYK team is gearing up for the 2ndphase comprising of seminars based on the Transforming Indians to Transform India. The seminars will be conducted for students in schools and colleges as well as general public in English and regional languages.  The 2nd phase was flagged off at the National Youth Convention iTransform held at Chinmaya Vibhooti Kolwan from 9th to 13th October 2013. Thus the transformation continues.


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